PastBook unveils its new brand identity and launches the global One-Click Photo Products platform.

PastBook - a fast growing Deloitte Technology Fast 50 company - announces today that it has refreshed its logo and identity. The new look will support the company's growth plans around its newly launched One-Click Photo Products platform: thanks to PastBook’s sophisticated technology, the platform will enable anyone around the world to “automagically” turn their Facebook or Instagram photos into printed photo products such as photo books, cards, calendars and more - in the most frictionless way possible.

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Amsterdam, NL - 24 September 2019 - PastBook (, a fast growing Deloitte Technology Fast 50 company, specialised in one-click photo products, unveils today its new logo and brand identity: a refreshed look that will accompany the scale-up in its growth plan for the future.

PastBook’s primary logo comprises two elements: a symbol and a word-mark. 

The new logo is simple and modern while still incorporating a retro and nostalgic feeling, a characteristic that has always been a key component of the PastBook identity.

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The new word-mark is a unique, handcrafted typography based on vintage serif fonts with a modern and refined touch. It is highly legible and combines upper and lower case letters.

The new symbol looks like an arrow that, upon closer inspection, comprises  a rewind sign and the pages of an open book. 

With the restyle comes a new primary color for the company, purple, or rather, "magic purple”, that perfectly captures the magical one-click technology that PastBook uses to create photo products for its users, and the shade of ‘nostalgia’ reminiscent of the 80s.

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PastBook today also launches its new website, introducing its Global One-Click Photo Products platform.

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PastBook platform is unique on the market: this is all thanks to the company’s global printing facility network and sophisticated technology that automatically and intelligently selects the user’s best photos and instantly arranges them into high quality printed products - making the entire flow completely frictionless for the end user.

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In the upcoming weeks, the new brand identity will be rolled out across the company's various communication channels and apps.

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Download PDF
About PastBook

About the company:

Founded in 2012 in Amsterdam by Stefano Cutello, as part of RockStart Accelerator, PastBook has been named one of the ‘Hottest startup’s in Europe” by Wired, won the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 in the category "Media & Entertainment“ and made it to the Top 20 from the Financial Times list fo Europe's fastest growing companies. It has also been featured by Facebook as Success Story.

PastBook is on a mission to help people preserve and relive memories, that are nowadays scattered between social networks and devices, by offering the most frictionless experience to create beautiful photo products, in one-click.

PastBook’s Intelligent Instant Photo Book platform automatically and intelligently selects the best photos from the designated source and it instantly arranges them into a beautiful photo product, like photo books, cards, posters, calendars - printed and shipped worldwide thanks to PastBook global printing network.